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The Spyder TV F3 project

All the pictures of the F3 are right HERE

It seems that we at Spyder TV never run out of projects, this one was alot of fun, stress and work all at the same time. I’ve pushed a pen at work for the better part of my adult life, I don’t pretend to be a “wrench” by any stretch of the imagination. So picking up the challenge to undress this beautiful machine was, frightening!! The idea to paint the F3 Can-Am Spyder started in late April 2015 when we knew that we were getting an F3 for STV. If you know anything about me, you know that I enjoy having my own twist of my Spyders. 11296604_10205789748516249_342953670_oBack in 2011, I got my first wrap done on my 2010 Black RTS. 2012 saw the second version, 2.0 we could say. In 2013 I left the wraps behind and went a little crazy, I went with loads of modifications and added some Vertika Trikes Canada fiberglass floor boards, air intakes, side panels and new fenders. I took the whole thing into the paint shop for a beautiful candy cherry red. In early 2014, I decided that I needed a change….yes I know, again, going a little crazy and overboard. I got the bike painted in 2 colors. I went back to black but this time I incorporated some red/orange… I call it Copper since it’s color tone looks like Copper. We went all out, including lots of carbon fiber hydro graphics. It was back then, pretty much one of the first 2 colors RT.


We just knew that we wanted, that we needed to change it up a little and we thought that going with a concept, a car concept was the right path for us. The F3 already has an aggressive looking front grill that reminded us of the muscle car years a couple of decades ago. We had already seen somebody do a wrap of the Duke of Hazzard theme. For some of us, we still remember from the 70’s the Ford GT40 that was always a prototype car, never got to production. This car would be the inspiration for our project.


Ford GT 40

Our good friends in Quebec did the good work,Carrosserie R.M.P. Benoit Forget, the owner and painter worked hand in hand with me and we had some late nights while exploring all the possibilities, never wanting to go to fast and miss something, wrong choice for parts and paint. That was a big concern, to showcase without going overkill. In our humble opinion, I believe we did a pretty good job.11350509_1583493261924495_5467459635743074785_n The blue is really nice, giving the bike a modern look instead of a retro look like the baby blue would of. We kept the orange from the F3 structure, the tubing looks amazing and beside, I don’t think I could of put it back together if I started to take those off. We have some minor decisions to make to finish the project, what to do with the front truck BRP logo, do we put it back or do we put an STV emblem right there. Not sure about that one, we don’t want to disrespect the company but at the same time, we love our Spyder and want to put our signature on their product. The other one is what to do with the logo situation on the trunk, do we put a Gulf logo or do we go ahead and put a number, maybe an STV logo ? We will decide soon how to dress it up.

This was lot’s of fun, it was way harder putting the bike back together then taking it apart, I believe that next time, yes…. Next time, I will be better prepared and of course, I will take way more pictures of the nuts and bolts coming off every part. Thanks to my good friend Patrick Girouard for helping out and managing my stress level, good job my friend !! Live and learn baby !!hehe

Thanks for following

We are happy to have you with us, keep watching for many more fun projects.

Pierre Poliquin


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