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2 wheels never… 3 wheels oh yeah !

As far as I can remember, motorcycles have always left me indifferent. The insecurity of these devices, I admit, scared me, that’s why I was not interested. Well, I envied perhaps some people who had a nice big Gold Wing with its title of nobility, its look and comfort, but that was it. My insecurity and endless steps to acquire a motorcycle license quickly killed my desires. Then one day, I saw something never seen before: a huge rocket with two wheels in front and one in the back, but you mounted it like a motorcycle.

 Wow!”, I thought to myself, it must surely be far safer than a two-wheeled motorcycle. From that moment on, I never stopped looking and searching for this fabulous machine. The SPYDER is an invention of Bombardier. The first time I had the opportunity to see one up close was at the Festival Country of St-Tite, BRP had a booth. I was amazed by the incredible look and steady pace of the Spyder. Well, for safety it could go, but the steps to be able to ride this wonder, would they be too complicated? Well no! If you already own a standard driver’s license, a seven hour training would be enough.

That is when a friend and colleague of mine convinced me to enroll in the training with him, not to mention having my wife’s blessing who told me: “Go ahead, it does not commit you to anything, it will do you good!” From the moment I embarked on this machine, I fell crazy in love. It will do you good!, she said. Well NO! It tortured me 2 years after my training until I finally had mine, the one I dreamed about day and night! I finally acquired MY Spyder in February 2012: a 2010 RTS with the odometer at 6300 km. The feeling of freedom, hot air, fresh air, the smells; all the sensations that you cannot have while driving a car.

My Spyder brings us great pleasure, to Sylvie and I, we found a lot of places, landscapes, roads, great areas, but especially a CLUB, people, wonderful friends, all as passionate as we are. We hope that this will last much longer.

A special thanks to Pierre Poliquin for allowing me to express myself.

Michel L’Abbé

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